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We are manufacturing and exporting

  1. bed sheet sets

  2. Fabrics

  3. Towels

  4. Garments

  5. Garments accessories

M Fatooq A & Hu textiles:

M Fatooq A & Hu textiles was established in 1993 our head office is in Lahore city in the heat of Pakistan and started with our brand name “Hu” for all above textile products

 Ahmad Trading Company:

Is the representative of Pakistan textile exporter and manufacturers i.e. bed sheet sets, Fabrics, Towels, Garments, and representative of export promotion bureau (EPB) gov't of Pakistan.

We provide the services to buyers for order sourcing (buying services) free of charge as per buyer target prices as well as quality, quantity, specifications and delivery date. As buyer require low prices than “Hu” products

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